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your advice is really good, but i'm really not sure you should be telling people to use oil in their bodies. it's really hard to fully wash out of the vagina and is a great breeding ground for bacteria (especially yeast). idk but i would only use silicone lube for fisting or a thick water based lube if using a toy.

I’m sorry but I must disagree. Most doctors will recommend natural cooking oil over any commercial lube; especially if the woman has issues with yeast infections. It’s also recommended by every piece of literature I’ve seen about perineal massage.

I do agree, however, that water based lube should be used with silicon toys since oil can degrade them over time.

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Where do you find such huge and awesome toys?! I'm a 28wf with a man of 6yrs . We don't have a lot of $ to invest, and needless to say most goes to lube. Even made a diy pump from a vacuum pump. So any tips for stretcging ? Or cheap lube? Lol

The best lube for fisting and stretching is a natural cooking oil like vegetable, olive, or warm coconut oil. They’re also relatively cheap so double-bonus!

As far as cheap toys, I’d recommend a Kong dog toy which can be found at practically any pet store. Check out my post here:

Also read my advice section for other stretching tips.




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